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30 August 2008

Verdict is: Shooting is fun! ;)

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I just got home from shooting with JayG & Bill and it was loads of fun! More later, after I upload all the peektures. :)

Edited to add: Photographic evidence is now up here. I still need to formulate words to describe the fun I had, but I’m to giggly right now to pull it off. Go look at the pretty pictures for now.

PS: JayG, I just can’t help it, I just had to steal your category of gunnie goodness. It’s simply too perfect.



  1. Heh. The pleasure was all mine, Liz.

    Anytime you guys want to get together to fling some more lead downrange, give me a holler. You know where I am and how far away the range is… *g*

    (and no worries on the “Gunnie Goodness”. It is a perfect description is it not?)

    My report should be up shortly; I’ll send you a link when ready…

    Comment by Jay G — 1 September 2008 @ 8:15 | Reply

  2. @Dwight Heh, thanks :) I’ll have to poke around in a little while on there. We’ll be happy to take you out once we’re legal, and there’s a possibility to get you out sooner, if you’d like. :)

    Comment by caillean — 5 September 2008 @ 15:09 | Reply

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