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13 October 2008

Gun (pre)shopping day 1.

Filed under: gunnie goodness — Elizabeth @ 21:16

Went out gun shopping today for round 1 of find-what-fits-my-hand-and-feels-good, this afternoon.  (first try at typing this sentance, I typed “Went out fun shopping…”)  We hit up Manchester Firing Line and State Line Gun Shop.  There were a few that felt right, and I’d like to try shooting, and many many others that just plain didn’t fit.  Top contenders right now in terms of what felt right are mostly Sig Sauers (P226, P229, P239, P220), with a Baretta (92FS) and a S&W (908.5) as close seconds.  There was also a CZ and a Tarus I liked, but seeing as they’re not on the list, they’re not going to happen in MA.

Also had a couple revolvers that fit very well, too.  Best fit hands down was from a little S&W model 60.  It seems their revolver J-frame fits well.  Also really liked the Ruger Security Six, which is not surprising because I liked JayG’s Security Six a whole lot.

At this point it looks like we’ll probably end up getting a Sig and a revolver for now, and putting off the 1911 for Bill until we’ve escaped from this crazy state and he can actually get his hands on a colt 1911 for a reasonable amount of money instade of the insane MA prices.



  1. Escape from MA. . . ah yes, the dream. . . .

    Good luck with it. I don’t know when I will be able to get out due to family but I too look forward to saying good bye to this mess of a state. . . .

    Comment by JD — 21 October 2008 @ 10:27 | Reply

  2. Heh. The hope/plan is for the trifecta of stock market prices, property values, and real estate prices to come next year, around Junish 09, and hopefully move up to Hudson/Hollis or somewhere else that’s still a reasonable commute in to Waltham.

    We know we’re not here for good, but the exact time of leaving is still up in the air… Stay where we are for 2-3 more years, and then move out to WA/BC/SE Alaska? Try and move to NH in 7ish months and stick around New England longer? We haven’t really decided yet.

    Comment by caillean — 21 October 2008 @ 12:33 | Reply

  3. I’ve got not one but two different J-frames if you’d like to try either of them out…

    Maybe we could roll some light .38 specials and give those a shot? (Ha! Get it? Gun puns!) :)

    Let me know… ;)

    Comment by Jay G — 7 November 2008 @ 23:55 | Reply

  4. Hehehehe, Sounds like a blast. *gigglesnort*

    Comment by caillean — 8 November 2008 @ 9:23 | Reply

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