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24 February 2009

Range Report: Sig P220

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After being sick for a week, I finally got to try out my Valentine’s Day present… the P220.

I *LOVE* it. The trigger is a big heavy, which was to be expected with any gun bought new in Massatwoshits. But it fits me very well, and if I concentrate on a smooth and consistent pull instead of pulling the trigger fast and jerking, I’m getting very accurate with it.



The only work I plan on having done with it is a trigger job, both to lighten the triger pull and install a short-trigger (basically, a more swept-back trigger, so my small hands can actually reach it on double action).


13 February 2009

Valentine’s day came a bit early… :)

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I have the best husband ever.  :D

He gave me my valentine’s day present a bit early:

I can’t wait to take her down to the range and try her out!

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