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I’m a geek of all trades, currently working as QA for a DB security company.  My interests are varied and deep.  I’m fascinated by computers, software, networking, science, physics, biology, chemistry, ecology and maths.  I love to read, especially SciFi and High Fantasy.  I can usually be found on EFnet #978.

I adore animals.  At the moment, my husband and I have 2 wonderful Australian Shepherds, who are also a handful.  Nemo was born in March of 04 and is now 4 years old.  Pippin was born on July 27, 2007.  They keep our lives full, and are loves.  I’ve had many other animals over the years, dogs, cats, horses, anolies, and more.  We’re hoping to move from our suburb-bordering-on-city house to the rural country soon.  (well as rural as you can get and still have a reasonalbe commute to Waltham, MA)  I’ve no idea how soon, is soon, though.

I’ve been married to Bill for 6 wonderful years and we’re still deeply in love.  I’ve honestly never been happier.  Bill and I enjoy gaming together.  We’ve played a variety of MMORPGs together, starting with EQ2.  We play LOTRO, and played a little Age of Conan before deciding FunCom had broken it beyond repair.  We’ve just recently decided to give Vangard a try.  We’re part of Fizzleblood which is primarily an european guild.

We love to travel, though never can quite find enough time and money to travel as much as we’d like.  Then again, we’re not independently wealthy.  ;)

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