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24 March 2009

Oh man, that was fun!

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I still need to write up an after action report for the blogger shoot, but it can definitely be summed up with: “The most fun I’ve had with my clothes on in a good long while.”


17 March 2009


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The early spring Northeast Blogger meetup/shoot is coming up this Sunday and Monday. I can’t wait! JayG has been organizing this outing to coincide with a certain EMS/gun blogger from Louisiana being in town. Sunday night we’re all meeting up at Hilltop Steakhouse in Saugus for good steak and conversation.  Monday we’re heading out to Harvard Sportsmen’s Club for some shooty-goodness.

It’ll be great to show everyone around my club.  I love HSC, no other clubs in the area even begin to compair.  And it will be wonderful to go out shooting with a bunch of friends!  The more the merrier!

9 March 2009

I’m now an NRA Certified Instructor!

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Class completed, tests taken and passed (100%, 98%, and 98%!  I’m so proud of myself!), and paperwork submitted with cheque. I am now an NRA certified instructor in Basic Pistol and Home Firearms Safety! My credentials will arrive in the mail within the month, then I can send out for my Mass State Police certified instructor credentials, which takes about a month.

After that, I can start offering both the NRA Basic Pistol and the NRA Home Firearms Safety courses.  I’m really excited.

There is a downside, though…   Bill and I discovered we need to buy more guns!  We don’t have a .22 revolver or a .22 semi-auto.  We don’t have a bolt action rifle, or a pump action shotgun, or a break action shotgun!  Oh noes!  We must buy more guns, what’s a girl to do?

24 February 2009

Range Report: Sig P220

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After being sick for a week, I finally got to try out my Valentine’s Day present… the P220.

I *LOVE* it. The trigger is a big heavy, which was to be expected with any gun bought new in Massatwoshits. But it fits me very well, and if I concentrate on a smooth and consistent pull instead of pulling the trigger fast and jerking, I’m getting very accurate with it.



The only work I plan on having done with it is a trigger job, both to lighten the triger pull and install a short-trigger (basically, a more swept-back trigger, so my small hands can actually reach it on double action).

13 February 2009

Valentine’s day came a bit early… :)

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I have the best husband ever.  :D

He gave me my valentine’s day present a bit early:

I can’t wait to take her down to the range and try her out!

21 December 2008


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We’ve been reloading a bunch, though haven’t yet been able to get to the range to test out the rounds we’ve loaded.  I took a whole bunch of photos of the process, and am going to make a detailed post at some point, though I need a few more photos to make it final.

24 November 2008

New Aquisitions, firearms fun :D

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I posted a comment on another blog and realized it’d make a good blog post.

Bill & I decided we moved Sarah Brady beyond bawling her eyes out, to searching for the razor blades this past week.

After nearly 3 month process, we finally got our permission slips from Mommy-state Taxatwoshits this past Tuesday.

On Wednesday we picked up a Springfield 1911A1, a Baretta 92FS w/2 pre-ban hi-cap mags (stupid MA AWB), and a Ruger Security Six.

Springfield 1911A1, Baretta 92FS, Ruger Security Six

Clockwise from TopLeft: Springfield 1911A1, Baretta 92FS, Ruger Security Six

Friday Bill went out and picked up a nice little Ruger Mini-14 in 5.56mm.

Ruger Mini-14

Ruger Mini-14

Friday night I spied a Sig Sauer 556 for private sale that was actually MA compliant, and we snapped it up Saturday afternoon.

Sig Sauer 556

Sig Sauer 556

Much fun was had at the range this past weekend (despite freezing our tails off in low 20F weather) and I can’t stop grinning like an idiot.

There are pictures up at Bill’s blog, along with a range report.

17 November 2008

The Licenses came in!!!

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OMG, WHEEEE!!!   The licenses came in!  I’m picking them up tomorrow morning!  WHEEEE!   Now I’m sure they’re Class A LTC -sporting, but that was already known given Lowell’s (stupid) policy of not issuing any un-restricted LTCs (unless you are in law enforcement or have enough power).


3 November 2008

First gun!

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We just ‘bought’ my first gun yesterday.  “Bought” as in put on ‘layaway’ but fully paid for, awaiting the bloody licenses coming in.  We’d seen a Ruger Security Six up in Mason at State Line Gun Shop the other week, and I knew I liked shooting Jay’s security six.  We got a screaming deal on this one, and I’m very excited.

We bought a Dillon 550B progressive reloading press, and everything but the consumables we’re not allowed to have by (stupid fucking) MA law.  We set it up over the weekend as far as we can.

Now if only the bloodly licenses will hurry up and get here, I’d be a truely happy camper!

13 October 2008

Gun (pre)shopping day 1.

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Went out gun shopping today for round 1 of find-what-fits-my-hand-and-feels-good, this afternoon.  (first try at typing this sentance, I typed “Went out fun shopping…”)  We hit up Manchester Firing Line and State Line Gun Shop.  There were a few that felt right, and I’d like to try shooting, and many many others that just plain didn’t fit.  Top contenders right now in terms of what felt right are mostly Sig Sauers (P226, P229, P239, P220), with a Baretta (92FS) and a S&W (908.5) as close seconds.  There was also a CZ and a Tarus I liked, but seeing as they’re not on the list, they’re not going to happen in MA.

Also had a couple revolvers that fit very well, too.  Best fit hands down was from a little S&W model 60.  It seems their revolver J-frame fits well.  Also really liked the Ruger Security Six, which is not surprising because I liked JayG’s Security Six a whole lot.

At this point it looks like we’ll probably end up getting a Sig and a revolver for now, and putting off the 1911 for Bill until we’ve escaped from this crazy state and he can actually get his hands on a colt 1911 for a reasonable amount of money instade of the insane MA prices.

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