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21 December 2008


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We’ve been reloading a bunch, though haven’t yet been able to get to the range to test out the rounds we’ve loaded.  I took a whole bunch of photos of the process, and am going to make a detailed post at some point, though I need a few more photos to make it final.


3 November 2008

First gun!

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We just ‘bought’ my first gun yesterday.  “Bought” as in put on ‘layaway’ but fully paid for, awaiting the bloody licenses coming in.  We’d seen a Ruger Security Six up in Mason at State Line Gun Shop the other week, and I knew I liked shooting Jay’s security six.  We got a screaming deal on this one, and I’m very excited.

We bought a Dillon 550B progressive reloading press, and everything but the consumables we’re not allowed to have by (stupid fucking) MA law.  We set it up over the weekend as far as we can.

Now if only the bloodly licenses will hurry up and get here, I’d be a truely happy camper!

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